We are the only national foundation focused on increasing access to history, educational programs, exhibits, and sites highlighting the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. We do this in cooperation and partnership with others locally, nationally, and globally. We are doers, not pass-through funders.

Our VISION is a world where freedom and democracy flourish, inspired by the life and work of Abraham Lincoln.

Our MISSION is to share the story of Abraham Lincoln’s life, legacy, and leadership with all people.


Our Strategic Priorities for the next three years include:

1. Forge a national network for Lincoln sites, organizing multi-site efforts for the U.S. 250th anniversary and beyond.

2. Create world-class exhibits and educational programs, building on recent successes including our award-winning documentary series, “Warning Signs.”

3. Cultivate a national and international base of supporters and strategic partners to secure our financial future and influence.

These priorities address identified needs and opportunities, leverage the Foundation’s track record of award-winning content creation and high-impact programs such as its No Malice Youth Film contest, and build on the strength of its annual Lincoln Leadership Prize event and strong partnerships with the National Park Service at Lincoln Home National Historic Site and others.


The world needs leaders who are principled, intellectually curious, and honest—traits embodied by Abraham Lincoln.

  • Lincoln is recognized as an exemplar of U.S. presidential leadership and the American “experiment” in self-governance.
  • Because his life has inspired leaders across societies around the world, our work must transcend national boundaries.
  • Uncovering new research and new perspectives on Abraham Lincoln is key to understanding—and addressing—what he called the “unfinished work” of freedom and democracy.

Our work is never done.


Your generosity drives our work.  As an independent 501c3 nonprofit, the Lincoln Presidential Foundation relies on supporters like you for the resources necessary to develop new, creative projects that give all people new access and insights into the legacy of our 16th president.

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