Established in 2000, the Lincoln Presidential Foundation is an independent 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to sharing the story of Abraham Lincoln’s life, legacy, and leadership with the world. We are passionate supporters, governing board members, and professional staff.

Our vision is the global protection and expansion of freedom and democracy inspired by the life and work of Abraham Lincoln.

Our mission is to democratize Abraham Lincoln, making the story of his life, legacy, and leadership available to all people.


With the foresight and generosity of people like you, we are incorporated for a variety of charitable purposes including to: support, sustain, and provide educational and public programming, research, and access to historic places and collections related to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. We do this in cooperation and partnership with others locally, nationally, and globally.


The world needs leaders who are principled, intellectually curious, and honest—traits embodied by Abraham Lincoln.

  • Lincoln is recognized as an exemplar of U.S. presidential leadership and the American “experiment” in self-governance.
  • Because his life has inspired leaders across societies around the world, our work must transcend national boundaries.
  • Uncovering new research and new perspectives on Abraham Lincoln is key to understanding—and addressing—what he called the “unfinished work” of freedom and democracy.

Our work is never done.


Our fundraising is focused on ensuring our 16th president’s legacy is accessible and is interpreted in thoughtful, creative, and enduring ways. We center on the following key areas:

  • Recognizing and supporting outstanding work that enhances public understanding of the history and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, such as the annual Lincoln Leadership Prize and special projects such as the No Malice youth film contest.
  • Increasing public access to historical evidence and new perspectives by raising and stewarding funds for preservation, field trips, digital projects, and our one-of-a-kind collection of Lincolniana.
  • Serving as a connector and convener on Lincoln and issues related to his presidency, including through the Four Score Speaker Series and partner projects.

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