Thanks to generous supporters, the Lincoln Presidential Foundation creates high-quality, original documentary film series as well as companion lesson plans, primary source galleries, and public programming related to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. “Warning Signs,” our first documentary series, has won four awards including an Emmy Mid-America award and Gold Telly for Best History Series.

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Warning Signs:

Lincoln’s Response to Rising Tensions in the 1850s

Winner of 4 awards including an Emmy Mid-America.

This four-part documentary features vivid storytelling about the intense and occasionally violent political struggles of pre-Civil War America and how it impacts our lives today. 

Produced in 2022 with generous support from Iron Mountain.

Featuring Dr. Lucas Morel, Dr. Rachel Shelden, Dr. Silvana Siddali, Dr. Jonathan W. White, and Fritz Klein as Abraham Lincoln.  

Total run time: 31 minutes.

©Lincoln Presidential Foundation, 2022

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Fortifying our Democracy:

Lincoln’s Lyceum Address

New Series

This three-part documentary series, explores the greatest threats to American democracy as outlined in Abraham Lincoln’s 1838 address, why trust in political institutions falters and how to restore it.

Produced in 2023 with generous support from Iron Mountain.

Featuring Dr. Saladin Ambar, Dr. Kate Masur, Dr. Angela G. Ray, Dr. Manisha Sinha, and Eric Wolfgang Nelson as Abraham Lincoln.

©Lincoln Presidential Foundation, 2023

Total run time:  23 Minutes

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