Book Signing & Presentation with Bestselling Author Nancy Horan

Date: 08/12/23
Location: Lincoln Home National Historic Site Visitor Center, Springfield, IL

Join us at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site Visitor Center on Saturday, August 12th for a presentation and book signing with New York Times Bestselling Author Nancy Horan. Horan will be discussing her latest book The House of Lincoln.

The event is free and open to the public. Registration is suggested.

THE HOUSE OF LINCOLN book will be available for purchase in the Visitor Center Gift Store. Supply is limited.


Nancy Horan, New York Times bestselling author of Loving Frank and Under the Wide and Starry Sky, is back after nearly a decade with a triumphant new historical novel, THE HOUSE OF LINCOLN (June 6, 2023; Hardcover; Landmark).

In 2007, upon the release of Loving Frank, a review in The Los Angeles Times praised her work as such: “As in the best historical fiction, [Horan] finds both the truth and the heart of her story.” Horan hopes that you will find that to be the case in her latest novel, THE HOUSE OF LINCOLN, which tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s ascendance from rumpled lawyer to U.S. President to the Great Emancipator through the eyes of a young asylum-seeker who arrives in Lincoln’s home of Springfield, Illinois from Madeira, Portugal by way of Trinidad.

Showing intelligence beyond society’s expectations, Ana Ferreira is given a job in the Lincoln household assisting Mary Lincoln with their boys and begins a lifelong relationship based on mutual admiration. Through her experiences in their home, Ana bears witness to the evolution of Lincoln’s views on equality and The Union and observes in full complexity the psyche and pain of his bold, polarizing wife, Mary.

The House of Lincoln deftly addresses the roots of racism, colorism, and classism in America culminating in an eye-witness account of the Springfield race riot of 1908. With themes that resonate today, this novel celebrates the bravery of the conductors on the Underground Railroad and is a pointed reminder that America’s history of slavery reverberates profoundly today.

NANCY HORAN is the author of Loving Frank (2007), which remained on the New York Times Bestseller list for over a year, was translated into sixteen languages, and received the 2009 Prize for Historical Fiction awarded by the Society of American Historians; and Under the Wide and Starry Sky (2014). A native Midwesterner, Nancy Horan was a teacher and journalist before turning to fiction writing. She lived for 25 years in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, where she raised her two sons. She now lives with her husband on an island in Puget Sound. Find her at