Lincoln Forum XXVIII at Gettysburg: Airing on CSPAN - Part 1

Date: 02/17/24
Location: CSPAN 2 Live Stream

We are pleased to share that C-SPAN has scheduled its first two broadcasts (February 17 and 24) taped at The Lincoln Forum’s 28th annual symposium in Gettysburg. Lincoln Presidential Foundation was proud to partner with The Lincoln Forum on this symposium and for its President & CEO to serve as a speaker and moderator.

Mark your calendars to hear from a great lineup of historians on CSPAN 2 on Feb. 17 starting at 2 pm EST!

Feb 17th presentations to include:            

  • Ronald White on Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  • Kate Masur on pre-war Black Codes in Illinois
  • Craig Symonds on David G. Farragut and Chester Nimitz

Join CSPAN 2 Live Stream here.