Trust Your Gut: The Stories You Were Born To Tell, T. Shawn Taylor

Date: March 6, 2021

AS part of the No Malice Film Contest filmmaker series, T. Shawn Taylor, a former full-time journalist and master storyteller presents a workshop titled “Trust Your Gut: The Stories You Were Born to Tell.” “I really came up with that because that’s exactly what I’m doing with a documentary film I’m working on and have been working on now for two years on America’s missing Black men,” says Taylor. “And it’s a story that...was in me and it kept bugging me.”

“I’m going to be talking to young people about how to...take those feelings, the stories of things that are bothering you, the things you can’t stop thinking about and translate that into [film],” Taylor explains. Her documentary dives into the early deaths of Black men having a social, emotional, and economic impact on families and communities.